Our Services

Alam Al Diqa offers integrated solutions to the employer according to long-term strategies and applies them in the spirit of building a continuous partnership with its clients as a value that we hold dear while establishing a culture of respecting the rights of the worker and the employer according to the teachings of our religion and our Arab culture

Recruitment for various professions

Such as drivers, maids, babysitters, hairdressers, domestic workers, hairdressers, workers, managers, pharmacists, doctors, engineers …

Through simple procedures, you can get the worker from different nationalities at competitive prices, through contracts that enable the business owner to benefit from their services in return for a competitive value that guarantees you recruitment in a record time and with professional specifications that meet the desires of customers and work to provide their requirements in the least possible time and the highest quality.

Through our innovative electronic services, we seek to change the usual pattern of service providers

Mechanism for issuing recruitment visas from Musnad

To apply for a recruitment visa, please follow the steps below